Microsoft’s first AI PCs

ALSO: Scarlett Johansson’s Voice Controversy

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  • How to Interact with Data Using GPT-4o

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The Quick Look:

Microsoft has unveiled the Copilot+ PCs, a new category of AI-first personal computers, integrating generative AI tools directly into Windows.

The Closer Look:

  • The new Copilot+ PCs will feature AI-enhanced hardware, including powerful Neural Processing Units (NPUs) for superior local processing.

  • Priced at $999, they are set to outperform competitors like Apple’s MacBook.

Check out the thread to learn about the features:

The Importance:

With Copilot+ PCs, Microsoft is pushing the boundaries of AI integration in personal computing, offering unprecedented performance and AI capabilities.

Are You Ready for the AI Age?

The age of artificial intelligence has arrived, and businesses must adapt or risk falling behind. Discover how AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing could impact your business and how you can harness them to grow your competitive advantage.

In the MIT Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy online short course you’ll gain:

  • Practical knowledge and a foundational understanding of AI's current state

  • The ability to identify and leverage AI opportunities for organizational growth

  • A focus on the managerial rather than technical aspects of AI to prepare you for strategic decision making


The Quick Look:

Scarlett Johansson has accused OpenAI’s ChatGPT of copying her voice, sparking a debate on AI ethics and intellectual property.

The Closer Look:

The controversy highlights the need for clear guidelines on AI’s use of public figures’ likenesses.

The Importance:

The incident brings attention to the ethical considerations and legal implications of AI-generated content.



🎥 How to Interact with Data Using GPT-4o

Step 1: Upload Data

  • Opt for GPT-4o template.

  • Upload your data file.

Step 2: Select Column

  • Click to select a column.

  • Ask ChatGPT for calculations.

Step 3: Data Crunching

  • Tell GPT-4o what to calculate.

  • It crafts a new table for you.

Step 4: Charts on Demand

  • Request chart creation.

  • Explore the interactive visuals.

Checkout the thread below:


The Learning Shortcut

Master any topic quickly by focusing on the most impactful 20% of knowledge. This prompt helps you zero in on key insights to grasp the essentials of any subject.

Copy and Paste this Prompt into ChatGPT:

I want to learn about [topic]. Give me the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it.

What You’ll Get:

Best times to use this prompt:

Deep Dive Research:

  • When you need to quickly understand a new area of interest.

Skill Building:

  • Accelerate your learning curve for professional or personal development.

Exam Preparation:

  • Focus on critical concepts to optimize study time.

New Projects:

  • Gain a solid foundation in unfamiliar fields before starting.


  • Quantum AI Canada’s Trading Platform: Quantum AI Canada has been highlighted as a revolutionary crypto trading platform, offering a detailed guide for users.

  • Humane’s Potential Sale: The wearable AI startup Humane is exploring a potential sale, with a valuation between $750 million and $1 billion.

  • Adobe Lightroom’s AI Feature: Adobe Lightroom has introduced ‘Generative Remove’, an AI-powered editing feature, across its platforms, making it the most powerful removal tool in Lightroom to date.

  • AI UK’s San Francisco Office: Ahead of the AI safety summit in Seoul, AI UK opens an office in San Francisco to tackle AI risk.

  • CAA’s AI Protection Services: Creative Artists Agency (CAA) aims to help stars manage their own AI likenesses, positioning itself at the forefront of AI protection services.

  • OpenAI’s Superalignment Team: OpenAI’s team dedicated to controlling ‘superintelligent’ AI systems was promised significant resources but faced challenges in implementation.


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