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  • ChatGPT gets real-time Reddit access

  • Google's hands-free Android

  • Apple’s eye-tracking AI

  • Sony Music warns AI Developers

  • How to access new GPT-4o

  • The Storytelling Prompt

  • More updates on AI and tech

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The Quick Look:

ChatGPT now has real-time access to Reddit, enabling it to pull in the latest discussions and trends from the platform.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • OpenAI will use Reddit’s content to train ChatGPT for more nuanced responses.

  • Reddit will leverage OpenAI’s technology for new AI-powered features.

The Importance:

This partnership could significantly improve user experience on both platforms and pave the way for more advanced AI applications. - Do More Faster with 1-Click AI

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The Quick Look:

Google has rolled out new hands-free and eyes-free interfaces for Android, making it easier for users to interact with their devices without needing to look at the screen or use their hands.

The Closer Look: How It Works

  • Project Gameface allows control via facial movements.

  • “Look to speak” mode enables communication with emojis.

The Importance:

These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to making technology accessible to a broader range of users, promoting inclusivity.


The Quick Look:

Apple’s iOS 18 introduces Eye Tracking, allowing users to navigate their devices using just their eyes.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • Eye Tracking is designed for users with physical disabilities.

  • It works across iPadOS and iOS apps without additional hardware.

The Importance:

Apple’s Eye Tracking feature is a testament to the company’s commitment to accessibility and inclusive design.


The Quick Look:

Sony Music has issued a warning to AI developers about using its copyrighted material without permission.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • Over 700 companies have been warned.

  • Sony Music emphasizes the need for explicit permission.

The Importance:

Sony Music’s move underscores the importance of respecting intellectual property rights in the age of AI.



🎥 How to access new GPT-4o

OpenAI has recently launched the latest version of its conversational AI, ChatGPT-4o. This advanced model is now more accessible and easier to use than ever before.

ChatGPT-4o Features:

  • Multimodal Conversations: Engage with ChatGPT-4o using text, voice, and even images.

  • Real-Time Interaction: Experience near-instantaneous responses, making conversations flow naturally.

  • Enhanced Language Support: Communicate in over 50 languages with improved quality and speed.

Accessing ChatGPT-4o:

  1. On the Web:

    • Visit the OpenAI website and log in to your account.

    • Look for the ChatGPT-4o option in the dropdown menu to start using the model.

  2. On Mobile Devices:

    • Download the ChatGPT app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

    • Sign in and select “GPT-4o” from the menu to engage with the AI.

  3. On macOS:

    • Install the new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS.

    • Enjoy a seamless integration with your computer’s workflow.

Using ChatGPT-4o:

  • Step 1: Choose your platform and open the ChatGPT interface.

  • Step 2: Select the ChatGPT-4o model from the available options.

  • Step 3: Start your conversation by typing a message or uploading an image for analysis.

Checkout the thread below:


The Storytelling Prompt

Concept: This prompt section is designed to inspire and guide storytellers in crafting captivating narratives for a diverse range of audiences. Whether you're an experienced raconteur or a novice wordsmith, this tool provides a springboard for creativity, sparking ideas for original tales that will enchant and entertain.

Copy and Paste this Prompt into ChatGPT:

Act as a storyteller. You will come up with entertaining stories that are engaging, imaginative, and captivating for the audience. It can be fairy tales, educational stories, or any other type of story that has the potential to capture people’s attention and imagination. Depending on the [TARGET AUDIENCE], you may choose specific themes or topics for your storytelling session.

What You’ll Get:

Best times to use this prompt:

Educational Settings:

  • Developing educational stories that make learning fun and engaging.

Creative Writing:

  • Finding inspiration for writing projects, including short stories or novels.

Public Speaking:

  • Preparing captivating anecdotes or narratives for speeches and presentations.

Children's Bedtime:

  • Crafting magical bedtime stories that captivate young imaginations.


  • X pushes more users to Communities: On Thursday, the company announced exciting updates for Communities, including improved discovery tools, recommendations, search features, and sorting options, with more updates coming soon!

  • Ampere teams up with Qualcomm: Ampere and Qualcomm, both offering Arm-based chips, have partnered to create an AI-focused server. This server uses Ampere’s CPUs and Qualcomm’s Cloud AI 100 Ultra AI inferencing chips for running models.

  • Android’s new Theft Detection Lock: Thieves can access a lot of information quickly, so every moment counts. At its Google I/O 2024 conference, Google announced Theft Detection Lock for Android, an AI-powered feature that automatically locks the device when triggered.

  • Anthropic hires Instagram co-founder: Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram and personalized news app Artifact, is joining Anthropic as its first chief product officer.

  • LanceDB: Backed by Y Combinator, raised $8 million in seed funding led by CRV, Essence VC, and Swift Ventures, totaling $11 million. The open-source database supports multimodal AI models that handle images, videos, and text.


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