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The Quick Look:

OpenAI is reportedly developing a search engine called "ChatGPT Search" that could challenge Google's dominance. The engine is rumored to combine traditional web search with AI-powered summaries, similar to Perplexity AI.

The Closer Look: What We Know

  • A new domain name, "" hints at an imminent launch.

  • This search engine will combine web results with AI-generated summaries (think Perplexity AI).

Launch Date?

While an official announcement is pending, rumors suggest a May 9th launch for the ChatGPT search engine. Stay tuned for updates!

The Importance: A New Era of Search

The ChatGPT search engine could be a watershed moment. It offers an AI-integrated search experience surpassing what we know today, providing deeper, more insightful results quickly and efficiently. This could disrupt the search landscape and force other large tech players to step up their AI game.


The Quick Look:

YouTube Premium members in the US now have access to the experimental "Jump Ahead" feature. This AI-powered tool lets viewers intelligently bypass less popular parts of videos, saving time and getting them to the highlights.

The Closer Look: How "Jump Ahead" Works

  • "Jump Ahead" builds upon YouTube's double-tap skip but uses machine learning to pinpoint the most-watched sections of videos.

  • A "Jump Ahead" button appears, offering to take you to the next popular part.

  • This feature is currently limited to YouTube Premium, English-language videos in the US only.

The Importance: Easier, Better Viewing

With "Jump Ahead", YouTube is further streamlining the viewing experience. This could be a big win for those who want to get to the core content quickly, but there may be concerns about how this will affect video creators who depend on watch time for their revenue.


The Quick Look:

Elon Musk's X social platform now offers a new feature called "Stories" for its premium subscribers. Grok AI powers this feature, providing convenient summaries of trending posts and discussions happening on the platform.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • The "Stories" feature helps users stay up-to-date with trending X conversations.

  • Grok AI analyzes posts to generate the summaries, making it easy to get the gist of a topic.

  • Initially, "Stories" is available for premium subscribers in the "Explore" tab (iOS and web only).

  • Remember, Grok AI is still experimental. X warns that it "can make mistakes."

The Importance: AI on the rise (again)

X's decision to use AI for content curation signals a greater shift in how social media platforms might leverage these technologies. It's a step towards helping users quickly digest trending information in a personalized way.



🎥 How to use Gemini shortcut in Chrome

Google has added its Gemini AI chatbot directly into the Chrome web browser for desktop computers.

Now, users can ask questions to Gemini by typing their query right into the address bar at the top of the Chrome window.

This new feature is available in the latest stable version of Google Chrome, so all Chrome users can access it.

Here are two easy steps to use it:

Step 1:

Begin by opening Chrome on your desktop.

Next, type "@" in Chrome’s search bar and select "Chat with Gemini"

Step 2:

After that, enter your query and hit Enter.

There you go! Gemini will generate a response right away.

Checkout the thread below:


The Power of Analysis

We all learn from our mistakes. If you find yourself hitting a wall in a skill, the "Power of Analysis" prompt harnesses ChatGPT to help you improve. It encourages you to break down your slip-ups to unlock valuable insights.

Copy and Paste this Prompt into ChatGPT:

I'm working on [mention the skill, like baking or public speaking]. I recently made this mistake: [describe the specific error in detail]. Can you help me understand why this mistake happened and provide tips to prevent it from happening again?

What You’ll Get:

Best times to use this prompt:

Feeling Stuck:

  • When a mistake gets you down and you need a new view.

Focus on Fixes:

  • When you need to work on just the tricky parts.

Getting Basics Right:

  • When it’s time to make sure you really know the basics.

Learning to Solve It:

  • When you’re ready to learn how to figure things out by yourself.


  • OpenAI’s Vision: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman envisions AI as a “super-competent colleague,” capable of understanding and assisting with all aspects of one’s life, potentially revolutionizing workplace productivity.

  • India’s AI Leap: Bhavish Aggarwal, founder of Ola, highlights AI as a transformative opportunity for India, with the potential to lead future technologies as the number of Indian developers is expected to surpass 200 million.

  • Amazon’s AI Evolution: Amazon’s AI-powered coding assistant, CodeWhisperer, has been rebranded to Q Developer, expanding its functionalities and integrating into Amazon’s Q suite of tools.

  • AI in Seafood: Shinkei Systems has raised funds to scale its humane and quality-preserving fish-harvesting technology, which could transform the seafood industry with AI-driven efficiency.

  • Yelp’s AI Chatbot: Yelp introduces a new AI-powered chatbot to enhance consumer interactions with businesses, reflecting the growing trend of AI chatbots in customer service.

  • AI and the Afterlife: A new AI app offers a digital resurrection of loved ones, including deceased relatives, allowing for virtual interactions and preserving memories in a new, profound way.

  • AI in Healthcare: neuroClues aims to revolutionize brain health diagnostics with high-speed eye-tracking technology, potentially detecting a range of neurological conditions earlier and more accurately.


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