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The Quick Look:

Canva has just wrapped up its 2024 Canva Create event, unveiling some groundbreaking features that promise to revolutionize design.

The Closer Look:

  1. Magic Studio: A suite of AI-powered tools for instant design suggestions, image generation, and media editing.

  2. Brand Hub: New tools for brand management, including dynamic branding kits and advanced asset organization.

  3. Collaborative Design: Enhanced features for team collaboration, making it easier to work together on complex projects.

  4. Integration Galore: Seamless integration with popular tools like, Brandfolder, and Acquia DAM.

Launch Date?

These features are set to roll out starting June 2024, with gradual updates reaching all users by the end of July.

More about features:

The Importance:

Canva Create 2024 signifies a significant leap in workplace productivity, demonstrating how AI can democratize design and content creation for teams of all sizes.


The Quick Look:

Microsoft Build 2024 was a three-day event showcasing about 60 new products and solutions, emphasizing AI integration across its services.

The Closer Look:

  1. Real-Time Intelligence: Microsoft Fabric's new feature provides end-to-end SaaS solutions for real-time data analysis, aiding businesses in making faster, more informed decisions.

  2. GitHub Copilot Extensions: New extensions allow developers to integrate services like Azure and Docker directly within GitHub Copilot Chat.

  3. Azure AI Updates: GPT-4o and Phi-3-vision models are now available in Azure AI Studio, enhancing multimodal capabilities.

  4. Khan Academy Partnership: Microsoft is offering free access to Khanmigo for Teachers, an AI-powered teaching assistant, powered by Azure AI.

  5. Copilot+ PCs: Shipping in June, these PCs come with Qualcomm’s NPU architecture, enhancing AI functionalities like note-taking and meeting management.

The Importance:

These announcements highlight Microsoft's commitment to embedding AI deeply into its ecosystem, providing tools that enhance productivity and efficiency for developers and businesses alike.



🎥 How to use Copilot in Excel

  1. Prep Your File:

    • Ensure auto-save is ON.

    • Format your data as a table.

  2. Ask Copilot:

    • Click the Copilot icon.

    • Describe your goal (e.g., "Show average UnitPrice by City").

    • Follow Copilot's suggestions.

  3. Choose a Chart:

    • Ask Copilot for the best chart type to visualize your data.

  4. Create with Copilot:

    • Tell Copilot to create the specific chart (e.g., "Create a clustered bar chart for average UnitPrice by City").

  5. Notes:

    • Requires Copilot Pro (or Copilot for M365) in Excel (web/desktop).

    • Table formatting is essential for Copilot to access your data.


The Decision-Maker Prompt

Make informed decisions by having ChatGPT weigh the pros and cons, suggest alternatives, and predict possible outcomes. It can support both personal and professional decision-making processes.

Copy and Paste this Prompt into ChatGPT:

I need help making a decision about [your decision topic]. Provide a pros and cons list, suggest alternatives, and predict possible outcomes for each option.

What You’ll Get:

Best times to use this prompt:

Risk Assessment:

  • Predicting potential outcomes and impacts.

Alternative Solutions:

  • Exploring other possibilities before finalizing a decision.

Option Comparison:

  • Comparing different paths or strategies.

Major Decisions:

  • Evaluating significant life or career choices.


  • xAI: Elon Musk's AI startup, xAI, announced today that it has raised $6 billion in new funding. Musk is gathering this capital to compete strongly with rivals like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Alphabet.

  • Generate 3D product videos: French startup AniML has launched Doly, a 3D capture app that turns phone-generated 3D models into professional product videos. Ideal for online marketplace sellers and Instagram ads, Doly aims to be the PhotoRoom of product videos.

  • AI Earbuds: Iyo aims to succeed where Humane and Rabbit failed with its AI earbuds, the Iyo One launching this winter at $599.

  • Musk Predicts AGI Arrival: Elon Musk responded to a post on X by Google's Logan Kilpatrick, predicting that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will emerge in 2024.

  • Mastercard Integrates AI to Combat Fraud: Mastercard's latest software update incorporates AI to enhance fraud detection, identifying patterns and preventing credit card theft.


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