Apple's iOS 18 AI Features

ALSO: Google’s Generative AI in Search

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  • Apple’s iOS 18 AI Features

  • Google’s Generative AI in Search

  • OpenAI leader resigns

  • How to use ChatGPT macOS App

  • Task prioritization Prompt

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The Quick Look:

Apple’s proposed iOS 18 update is set to introduce AI features that could change how we interact with our iPhones. Expect auto-summarising notifications, quick synopses of news articles, and more.

The Closer Look:

  • Auto-summarisation of notifications.

  • AI-powered synopses for news articles.

  • Improved calendar auto-population.

  • Enhanced voice memo transcription.

  • App suggestions based on usage patterns.

Launch Date?

The iOS 18 update is expected to roll out with the new iPhone 16 series in September 2024.

The Importance: Smarter Interactions

These updates could make iPhones even more intuitive and user-friendly, streamlining daily tasks and information consumption.

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The Quick Look:

Google has introduced expanded AI Overviews in Search, powered by a custom Gemini model. This new feature promises to revolutionize the way we search by providing AI-organized search results and summaries.

The Closer Look:

AI Overviews will roll out to everyone in the U.S., with plans to expand globally.

The custom Gemini model enables multi-step reasoning and planning, enhancing the search experience.

The Importance: New Search Experience

Google’s integration of generative AI into Search marks a significant shift in how we find information online. It aims to deliver more insightful and efficient search results, potentially changing the landscape of web searching.


The Quick Look:

Jan Leike, a leading machine learning researcher at OpenAI, has resigned, citing concerns that the company is prioritizing product development over safety.

The Closer Look:

  • Jan Leike announced his resignation on May 17.

  • He expressed disagreements with OpenAI’s leadership and priorities.

  • Leike emphasized the need for a safety-first approach in AI development.

The Importance:

Leike’s departure highlights the ongoing debate about the balance between innovation and safety in the field of artificial intelligence. His call for a safety-first approach resonates with the broader AI community’s concerns about the ethical development of AI technologies.



🎥 How to use ChatGPT macOS App

To download and use the ChatGPT Desktop App, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app: Visit the official forum of the OpenAI Community and download the ChatGPT Desktop App from the provided link.

  2. Use a network proxy: If needed, you can use tools like Charles or Proxyman to set up a network proxy.

  3. Log in: Launch the ChatGPT Desktop App and log in using your credentials. This will trigger API calls to the ChatGPT service.

  4. Modify API calls: To modify API calls made by the app, follow these steps:

    • Right-click on the URL "" within the app.

    • Choose the option "Map Local" from the context menu.

    • Replace every occurrence of the word "false" with "true" in the API calls.

  5. Try again: After modifying the API calls, try using the app again. You should now be able to use it with the desired modifications.


Task prioritization

This prompt is designed for individuals in any job role who need to effectively manage their workload. It's a structured way to break down tasks, assess their importance, and align them with deadlines.

Copy and Paste this Prompt into ChatGPT:

Act I’m a [job role] that [explain tasks you need to organize, level of importance, and deadlines]. 

What You’ll Get:

Best times to use this prompt:

Start of the workday/week:

  • Ideal for planning and setting priorities for the day or week ahead.

After meetings:

  • Helpful for consolidating new tasks and integrating them with existing ones.

When feeling overwhelmed:

  • Use it to break down a large workload into smaller, actionable steps.

Regularly (daily/weekly):

  • Make it a habit to maintain organization and stay on top of deadlines.


  • Apple’s AirTag 2: Rumors suggest an upgraded chip and improved tracking for a 2025 launch.

  • Android 14 for TVs: Google has announced Android 14 for TVs, featuring new energy modes and a picture-in-picture mode for an improved viewing experience.

  • Twitter no more: Elon Musk says platform URL has officially shifted to

  • Hollywood agency: Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of the top entertainment and sports talent agencies, is hoping to be at the forefront of AI protection services for celebrities in Hollywood.

  • Blue Origin: They successfully completed their NS-25 mission, resuming crewed flights for the first time in nearly two years.

  • AI startups: Jeffrey Wang's post about affordable office nap pods unexpectedly went viral. He received so much interest that he could have ordered over 100 units.


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