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  • Apple launches iPad with AI-focused chip

  • Microsoft’s New AI Model

  • OpenAI and Microsoft launch $2M fund

  • Meta’s AI Revolutionizes Advertising

  • How to use new AI integration in Windows

  • The Language Master Prompt

  • More updates on AI and tech

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The Quick Look:

Apple’s “Let Loose” event showcased the new iPad Pro equipped with the first-ever M4 chipset, promising a leap in performance and AI capabilities.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • The new iPad Pro features the new M4 chip with a powerful "neural engine" designed for AI tasks.

  • This performance is four times that of previous models, enabling the execution of sophisticated AI applications.

  • New AI functionalities include True Tone Flash for improved document scanning and advanced editing tools for video, images, and music.

The Importance: AI Takes Center Stage

The iPad Pro with the M4 chip marks a significant milestone for Apple, setting a new standard for tablet performance and AI integration.

Here's what to watch for:

  • WWDC Announcements: Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June is where the software magic often happens. More compelling AI use cases could be revealed.

  • Third-party Potential: The M4's power could be a game-changer once developers tap into its full AI potential. Expect a wave of innovative apps.

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The Quick Look:

Microsoft has been making waves with the introduction of MAI-1, a large-scale AI language model that is set to redefine the boundaries of AI capabilities. With an impressive 500 billion parameters, MAI-1 is poised to compete with the likes of GPT-4 and Google Gemini.

The Closer Look: How It Impacts

  • MAI-1 represents a significant leap forward in language understanding and generation, promising to enhance a wide range of AI applications.

  • Under the guidance of Mustafa Suleyman (co-founder of Google DeepMind), Microsoft is positioning itself at the forefront of AI innovation.

The Importance:

With MAI-1, Microsoft is set to offer unprecedented AI services that could transform industries and empower developers.


The Quick Look:

In a landmark initiative, OpenAI and Microsoft have launched a $2 million fund to counter the misuse of AI in creating election deepfakes.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • The fund aims to combat AI and deepfakes that could deceive voters and undermine democratic processes.

  • It’s part of a broader effort to promote AI literacy and societal resilience against deceptive AI content.

The Importance:

This initiative represents a significant step by tech giants to address the challenges posed by AI in the political sphere, ensuring the integrity of elections.


The Quick Look:

Meta’s AI tools for advertisers now have the capability to create full new images, not just new backgrounds, offering unprecedented creative possibilities.

The Closer Look: What you need to know

  • Advertisers can generate complete image variations and overlay text in various fonts.

  • Future updates will allow text prompts to tailor images, enhancing ad personalization.

The Importance:

This advancement could transform the advertising landscape, providing brands with powerful tools to engage audiences more effectively.



🎥 How to use new AI integration in Windows

Windows has introduced a powerful AI feature within the default Photos app that allows users to edit images with advanced capabilities like never before.

With this integration, you can delete unwanted elements from an image, remove backgrounds, or duplicate objects with ease, all powered by Microsoft Designer AI.

Step 1:

Open the Photos app on your Windows device.

Step 2:

Select the image you wish to edit. Right-click on the image and choose the ‘Edit with Microsoft Designer’ option.

Step 3:

Use the AI-powered tools to make your desired changes:

  • To remove an object, simply select it and choose ‘Generative Erase’

  • To remove the background, use the ‘Background remover’ tool

  • To duplicate an object, select it and use the ‘Duplicate’ icon

Step 4:

Once you’re satisfied with your edits, save the image. The AI ensures that the changes blend seamlessly with the original photo.

Checkout the thread below:


The Language Master

Concept: Improve your communication skills by having ChatGPT dissect writing samples. It can analyze style, tone, and grammar for nuanced feedback that goes beyond basic spellcheck.

Copy and Paste this Prompt into ChatGPT:

Act as a language expert. Analyze this text: [Insert a paragraph or two of your own writing, an email, marketing copy, etc.]. Provide feedback on:

Clarity and conciseness
Grammar and word choice
Tone - is it appropriate for the intended audience?
Any opportunities to make it more persuasive or engaging

What You’ll Get:

Best times to use this prompt:


  • Getting a second opinion before submitting something important.

Non-native Speakers:

  • Gain precision in English usage.

Style Development:

  • Honing your voice in specific situations (formal, playful, etc.).

Learning Nuances:

  • Understanding subtle communication pitfalls.


  • OpenAI releases ‘Deepfake’ detector: OpenAI said its new detector could correctly identify 98.8% of images created by DALL-E 3.

  • Google Threat Intelligence: Google introduced its newest cybersecurity-focused threat detection and analysis product dubbed Google Threat Intelligence, on Tuesday.

  • OpenAI + Stack Overflow: OpenAI is collaborating with Stack Overflow, the Q&A forum for software developers, to improve its generative AI models’ performance on programming-related tasks.

  • Best Selling Smartphone: Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max was the best-selling model in Q1 2024, according to a report by a market research firm.

  • Google Gemini’s YouTube Music extension: Google is working on a YouTube Music extension for Gemini, its AI-powered chatbot, allowing users to search, play favorite songs, and discover new music.


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